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We grow a woman in her season of life, for serving God in her season of life.

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  • Walk
    Articles to help you in your walk with Jesus. “The people were coming and going...th...
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  • Talk
    Stories of faith of women in ordinary and extraordinary spaces ...
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  • Celebrate
    Celebrate your traditions  with meaning and purpose Has it com...
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  • The Partnership
       Lay  women's  training  college    ...
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  • Run
      Bible Studies with interactive app   Come Away believes not ...
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  • Read
    Bookclub reading books of applied truth and creative memoirs R...
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  • Play
    Mommy blogs, resources, tools to teach ...
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  • Share
    Have you ever had to take a leap of faith? Have you ever had t...
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  • Train
      Tools to help you study the bible   The pursuit of knowing G...
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Harnessing what God has given us

“How many things are you thinking of at the moment, that you need to do, organise or plan for?” asked Executive Coach Danelle Esterhuizen, to the group of women gathered for the second annual “Free to Be” productivity conference which took place on 1 Feb. As we began our mental lists, she encouraged us to take it further, by putting pen to paper. After a good solid 20 minutes of noting, I had two A5 pages full of [...]

Book review: This Momentary Marriage

This Momentary Marriage: A parable of permanence by John Piper is a very honest book. Piper’s wife, Noël Piper, writes a vulnerable, honest foreword and what is most clear is that they are a normal couple who struggle with all the normal human, relational challenges all couples must face in marriage. It is clear that what Piper teaches and unpacks in this book is not knowledge alone. His understanding of scripture has shaped his marriage; they have lived [...]

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