Teaching God’s Word to other Women – my journey of growth

Anne Hoffman is mother to two grown-up daughters, grandmother to Zakes (9 Months) and a Research Sister in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town. At the Come Away Women in Ministry Conference, she shared her testimony on being trained to handle God’s Word and lead a women’s Bible

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What’s wrong with the New NIV

I was sitting in church. The Bible reading was being delivered - a familiar passage. In my tired exhaustion I sat back presuming the words would just wash over me. My momentary interest was sparked as the reader read these three verses. I could hear the misplaced translation over and over again in my head. It wasn’t small. It was huge. Can I

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Who do you think you are reading your Bible?

We all carry ideas, leanings, perceptions and baggage when we read the Bible. It’s by no means a blank slate, but rather, loaded with all sorts of cultural nuances, memories, expectations and stubborn ideologies. We’ll explore what it means to load ourselves into the text, but before we do, let’s explore who you think

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Reading with yourself in mind – Where can it go horribly wrong?

Have you ever caught yourself reading your Bible and feeling like the circumstances of the main character were just like yours? Has the connection felt so strong that you believed the words for this character belonged to you in that moment... is this the promise you have been waiting for? The promise of

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One word changes everything

Did you know that one word in your Bible can change the meaning of what you are reading? Just one simple word. If you knew to look out for it, it could open a can or worms, or better yet, when it comes to the Bible, a can of gems. Can I take a moment to show you? Knowing this one simple Bible handling tool can really offer you some great insight. Here is how:

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How a Translation affects the meaning of the Bible

We unpacked what makes a translation trustworthy. We recognise that the choice lies in finding one that holds the tension between my culture and the translation’s consistency with the original texts. What God desires for us to hear trumps our desires. But how a translation affects meaning is an even greater question. Because

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Have you lost your mind?

by Shirley Emms “I never knew you” are the words that God will one day declare to many who claim to belong to him, but have never truly embraced and pursued him in their hearts. The pursuit of knowing God is multi- faceted. It’s relational, rational and experiential. Many demons knew who Jesus

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