Traveling Light – Meet the author of this devotional

‘Traveling Light will take you on a 366-day Jesus adventure. It’s written for the brave life-traveler willing to walk off the map, sleep under stars, go the distance, unpack some baggage, wait patiently and prayerfully in transit, and clear checkpoints with nothing to declare. Take comfort from the truth that there’s no place like

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Teaching God’s Word to other Women – my journey of growth

Anne Hoffman is mother to two grown-up daughters, grandmother to Zakes (9 Months) and a Research Sister in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town. At the Come Away Women in Ministry Conference, she shared her testimony on being trained to handle God’s Word and lead a women’s Bible

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I use to share my testimony generously; today I am conflicted, faced with the challenge of overcoming the blank page syndrome and the temptation of narcissism that’s always crouching at the door of testimony. Our testimonies are always packed with dramatic, raw details of how God took us from the mud and mire, set our feet upon a rock and established our goings. Like a romantic action thriller movie; with us as the protagonist thrust into a series of challenges, with everything working out for our good and God as the prince that saves us.

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