Three’s a Crowd

The other night we had an all-nighter; not the self-inflicted kind I remember from yester-year; not the result of work left ‘til the last minute, nor (sadly) because of a great celebration! Our youngest little one was vomiting for most of the night. Two nights on, and we had a repeat of the

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Why you should Be Singing and Dancing with your Kids all Day Long

Ever got a song stuck in your head? Ever found yourself singing the same lyrics over and over again? It’s a common experience we all have. Music has a way of getting into our minds and sticking there. That’s why we use it to teach children their letters, numbers and help them with

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Great Expectations

Every journey begins with great expectations, not least of all the journey of becoming a parent. I will never forget seeing our “jelly bean” sized baby for the first time, reading Ina May’s ‘Guide to Child Birth’, writing out my ‘birth plan’ as all the books suggest and envisioning how my natural, pain

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What to say when your kids ask about the Easter Bunny

It’s the prevailing question on every parent’s lips. It’s the toss between our conscience and our freedom. And it’s the kind of topic that breeds judgment and creates defensive walls. Should we engage in the likes of the Easter Bunny, when it detracts from the true meaning of Easter? If you’re uncertain, you’ll

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