It’s Easter morning: The hot cross buns are in the oven, your coffee has been brewed and you breathe in the crisp autumn morning. The family leave an aroma of excitement after the hunt for chocolate has swept across the quiet early morning dew. You stop to take it all in for just a few extra minutes, before you’re all wrapped up to go church. The doorbell rings. Who could be visiting right NOW, it’s Easter Sunday? You hastily pick up strewn debris before you open the door. And there he stands; it’s Jesus. Jesus has come for Easter.

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Roses are red, violets are blue…what kind of a Valentine’s person are you?

A day to celebrate love. You could either be the sceptic, the soppy or the single. We chatted to three women with three different perspectives on this “day of love” (or not so much), and followed their thought processes. It became a fruitful exercise in what it meant for each of them to submit their

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