25 Most Meaningful ways to Celebrate Christmas

For the last few years, I’ve been on a mission to redeem Christmas. Not from over-commercialisation or de-Christianisation, but from bad memories. For me, the Christmas season carries a heavy load of memories about arguments over tree toppers, disappointments because I didn’t get someone “the perfect gift,” and general ill-feelings that I’ll never measure up. Here are 25 simple activities that you can do with your family to infuse Christmas with more meaning and joy, starting right now...

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God of Tradition

Traditions. We all have them, especially during the holidays. We decorate trees, we bake cookies, we play Secret Santa, we stuff stockings, we glaze hams. All in the spirit of Christmas. But what do any of these traditions really have to do with true meaning of Christmas?

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A challenge to the young and old on Youth Day

Just over four decades ago, black young people from schools in Soweto gathered together to protest the latest Apartheid law: Afrikaans as the mandated language of instruction in schools. Amongst the black community, Afrikaans was commonly known as the “language of the oppressor”. For the students, this was the last straw in a

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The Easter weekend starts this Friday, and my children are getting excited. Alas, it’s all about the stash that the bunny is going to bring, and while they can trot out that “Jesus is risen” is the reason why we celebrate Easter, I’m praying that there’s still opportunity to instill some greater understanding

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