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Celebrate your traditions  with meaning and purpose

Has it come that quickly? Is it here already? Perhaps it’s Christmas, Easter, the birthday party, a baptism or maybe even Halloween. The year has motored on, and now what is meant to be a well-planned celebration has been bulldozed by the holiday checklist or the weekly, monthly order of events. Come away with us and find ways to boost your celebrations with meaning and purpose.


Dear Me Advent Calender


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DEAR ME Advent Calendar

It’s a tiny bag. Not much bigger than a lunch bag. Held together with a candy stripe string. Cozied up with hessian, it carries 12 cards, 12 decorations, 3 letters and 2 books. There’s nothing magical inside, but it holds a story. A powerful story that could change a life forever. So, let me share with you why I am not ashamed of what’s in this bag. Why this bag gives me courage!

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