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Come Away is a uniquely African digital platform for Christian women.

Women are seeking and hungry for the Word of God; and finding digital media a place to land. And as they land on the Word of God, they are finding ways to connect, unite, meet and hear each other’s stories as we live for Christ.

Come Away wants to see the manifestation of that hunger and connection right here on the streets of South Africa, with women from the plains to the ‘burbs to the townships. We find ourselves in a country divided in geography, carrying the devastating effects of the Apartheid era, but desperately seeking to manifest the reconciliation and unity that is won for us not by Nelson Mandela, but Jesus Christ.

There are many worthy causes who have and continue to engage the South Africa conversation regarding our diversity and unity. But very few of these conversations have a uniquely Christian perspective.

We live in a city of villages, each dedicated to our own way of life. But Christ calls us to come together as one village. How do we unite women divided into our tribes?

Women’s Bible School, Leadership Courses and more….

With 79% of the world connected to the internet, and 50% of women using their phones to connect (adding a further 20% for mothers), the digital world is fast becoming the meeting place for the global village of tomorrow (Bill Gates). Women are uniting from as many as 150 different countries on an average Christian website.

Come Away recognises this reality, and aims to fill the need for locally-contextualised content.


Where there is a village, there must be an army: The mamas, the gogos or the elders of the tribe.

“Older women (in the faith) are to teach the younger women (in the faith) and train them.  Teach sound doctrine.

TITUS 2:1-2

God has made us a colourful village. We are a rainbow nation, but that rainbow is first and foremost a sign post for the promises of God! Our village will never shine in its fullness when it is not backed by the word of God.

Women’s ministry training

But a rainbow will also just be seen as a rainbow, if we don’t have faithful leaders and teachers who point us to God.

In any given year, 99% of all women’s ministry is led by volunteers or pastor’s wives who are not necessarily trained or gifted for this ministry.

The impact of this is that the majority of activity revolves around events, as opposed to the intimate discipleship that God sees, with older women in the faith discipling younger women in the faith.

Training for women in our country is limited to three years of Bible college, full-time. Churches are limited financially, in their ability to pay the women who could lead or are leading. And sadly, not every church community believes they should.

Come Away is a ministry seeking to raise an army of servants. Female leaders who are confident and able to teach the Word of God to other women. We train, we send and we support local churches to raise the bar for women’s ministry, both on and off-line.

In that way, we are not just a meeting place or a connection point. We are a building block to impart the Word of God into local church women’s ministries.

Come Away grows women in their seasons of life, to serve God for a season of their lives.

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