Will you help a young hero to their future?

We believe that God loves every child on the Cape Flats. Each one matters, each one is valuable; each one was made to live life to the full. They may walk a difficult road, but so did some of the greatest people in history. By overcoming their challenges they can become men and women of deep character and compassion. And the world needs more people like that, doesn’t it?

We have teamed up to create heroes of the future

These are the words of the founders of Trinity Children’s Centre, an integrated early childhood development centre and independent primary school in Mitchell’s Plain. Starting from one preschool class in 2012, they have been adding a new grade every year, so that they can grow to Grade 7 by 2021. “That adds up to ten years or 2000 school days invested in every child,” says Founding Director Renier Coetzee. “At TCC we strive to do life-changing education with children in adversity. We teach, mentor, disciple, feed and safeguard the children entrusted to us.” The classes are kept small, and committed teachers create a safe space where children can fully engage in learning, playing and growing. In this way, TCC is creating a community tailored to the physical, emotional, spiritual and cognitive needs of Cape Flats children.

Trinity Children’s Centre has a grand vision and many plans and they are slowly working their way towards fulfilling each and every one of them. Last year they completed a mini-sports field, one step closer towards their ‘dream campus’.

Be a part of the change – sponsor a child

There are many ways to become a part of the change that TCC is enabling, and one such way is through the Sponsor a Child programme. “Through this programme, you can begin a journey with a child and see how he or she learns and grows over time,” says Coetzee. “We believe that making a long-term difference is not about what you do, but what you enable others to do. So we’re not looking for heroes – we’ve already found them. We’re looking for sidekicks who will help these young heroes to their future.”

You can sponsor a child at TCC in 3 easy steps:
1. Start making monthly contributions* to their bank account or via their international partners
2. Please use “SC” and your name as reference (e.g. “SC Albert Einstein”)
3. Send TCC your email address so that they can send you quarterly updates on the child you are sponsoring
*Full sponsorship: R2400 per month
*Partial sponsorships = R300, R600 or R1200 per month

Tax deductible certificates (Section 18A) are available for South African tax payers.

Bank account details:
Trinity Children’s Centre
FNB Rondebosch (201-509)
Account number: 62338484190

Found out more about the work that’s being done at www.trinitychildren.org.za or email admin@trinitychildren.org.za.

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