Teaching God’s Word to other Women – my journey of growth

Anne Hoffman is mother to two grown-up daughters, grandmother to Zakes (9 Months) and a Research Sister in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town. At the Come Away Women in Ministry Conference, she shared her testimony on being trained to handle God’s Word and lead a women’s Bible study. Here’s what she had to say…

What were your original perceptions of women’s ministry?

I saw women’s ministry as attending events like breakfasts, craft activities and end-of-year functions where there would be a speaker on something topical and relevant to women.  The main focus would be on food, fun and fellowship. I have always been in a Bible study and was quite happy for someone else who I perceived to be trained to lead, to be leading it.

How did that change?

I wanted to understand the Bible for myself, especially the Old Testament, and I had the opportunity to do a couple of correspondence courses through GWC. This gave me a good overview of the Bible and a hunger to know more about engaging with the text myself.  I had also become aware of people reading the Bible one-to-one and saw the need for this as a way of growing as a Christian. I didn’t feel I had the ability or the confidence to do this.

I saw how my young adult children, who had been involved at our church for many years, had been equipped to study the Bible for themselves and to lead bible studies.  And yet, in Titus 2, the older women are told to train the younger women how to live a Godly life. So I became aware that I was becoming this older woman; and yet the younger women were streaks ahead in their Bible handling ability.

How did the opportunity to be trained to lead a Bible study come about?

On completing the 1-2-1 course I was approached by Shirley, our women’s worker at the time, to
lead a group as there was a need for more women’s bible study leaders at our church.

By saying “yes”, what have you gained?

I admit I was very uncertain about whether I could do the job, and I lacked confidence in my own understanding of God’s Word. I now feel that I am better able to understand the Bible myself, in order to teach it to someone else. I learned how to write my own Bible study notes, I have managed to read the Bible one-to-one with another woman, and I now lead my own Bible study.

Should you wish to know more about the Parntership progamme please check out our Partnership Page. 

The Partnership will commence in February 2020.

You can simply email us at, info@comeaway.co.za for our brochures to find out more. We have discounts for women who sign up in groups from their respective churches. Come Away donor members pay a reduced rate.

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