9 Best Christmas Gifts for Kids

Perhaps you’re feeling swamped at the idea of Christmas presents…you just have no idea what to buy this year, and it all feels a bit much. Why not let us help you find 9 different Christmas gifts for kids that make that purchase feel meaningful and thought-through? We have pulled together 9 Christmas gifts that will be deliberate in our intentions with the gospel, sentimental in their worth and even valuable in their purchase; as all the funds go towards helping us keeping the goal of growing women’s ministry in local churches alive.

First on the list

The first gift on the list, When Santa Learned the Gospel makes Christmas very intentional by ensuring that Christ takes centre stage. Simon Camilleri’s book is a cracker in being deliberate about using Santa to share the gospel. You can even watch the story unfold here.

If I Were in Charge of Christmas (Helen Buckley) is similar in strategy, but focuses more on our over-the-top response to Christmas in comparison to God’s humble entry into the world. It challenges us to think about how we celebrate Christmas.

And then of course, there’s Come Away’s Dear Me Advent Calendar. This is our flagship product: 1 hessian sack filled with 12 Ways to celebrate Jesus at Christmas: 12 decorations, 12 activity cards, 3 letter templates per child, and 2 books (the books described above). This one bag per family can be used every year, and costs R425 for 2 children; with an additional R50 per child thereafter for tags and templates.

You can read more in our article: Why I am not ashamed of what’s in this Bag.


The Runner-ups

Next we have some simply sentimental buys. We have our Dear Me personalised mugs, which can form part of the advent bag as you enjoy hot chocolate together, and then our new and awesome nativity scene. It has been crafted to give kids the joy of putting it together. The houses come separately, and the kids get to build different combos and variations, easily slipping characters on their stands and placing them for some fun imaginative play.

We also have a simple, fun colour-in decoration pack – let your kids colour in different forest friends with their kokies – and buy a few extra packs as a cute, simple gift for your kids’ friends.

Then there are the (more pricey) but uber special Dear Me personalised Christmas boxes. A smart way to keep all their Christmas collectables – decorations, socks, mugs etc, along with all the letters you write every year in your Dear Me Calendars.


What’s next?

Lastly, we have books that you can purchase for general spiritual growth from Christian Book Discounters. Some great Christmas accounts in child-friendly versions, as well as a wonderful Bible you could purchase to read for the next year. If you are more of a sing-song kind of family you can buy the King of Christmas soundtrack on iTunes and even Spotify.

We hope this list has been helpful. If you know of any other useful gifts, do share with us in the comments below, so that others can benefit from them.

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Perhaps this Christmas you can give the gift of growing women’s ministry across the country. Help Come Away raise its value, provide training, and create funds for local churches. Become a Come Away member for R100 a month and make a difference for 2020.

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