Who has their back?

Have you ever had to take a leap of faith? Have you ever had to step out into uncertainty? Have you ever known you are stepping into unmarked territory and held your breath at what might become? This is the life of an NGO. They take leaps, they step out into the unknown; they hold their breath every day. Who has their back?

When someone has your back you will try

Who has their back?A recent Huffington Post article on what makes successful businesses, adventures, and endeavours shares the need for deep-seated relationships that won’t let you fail. Knowing someone has your back is a key to success.

So, when ARISE leaps into creating loving, secure, flourishing families and emptying every children’s home, they need relationships that won’t let them fail.

When EMBRACE moves into unmarked territory to promote that every new mother should be supported, they hold their breath as they empower and embrace mothers to raise thriving children. They need to know who has their back.

The backing of relationship helps any new opportunity keep walking forward. It’s the basic presumption that when someone has your back you will try.

We can support them with the simple start of a conversation

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.”


Words have power. And many heroes in our non-profit sector are doing the work of speaking up for the vulnerable, and Come Away wants to back them by speaking for them.

We want to share their stories so that they can gather a village of women around them to dream with them, to dream of a fight for something bigger, something more important and worthwhile (Dr John Perkins). To leap, to step out and walk into the unknown with them. Who has their back? We do.

In a country where individuals and communities have been impacted by the inequality and injustice of our past, we need to fight for justice and peace, for the walls between us to come crashing down. And often that starts with a conversation.

So come and SHARE with us, as we back and speak on behalf of these NGOs. Sign up for our paid village membership to catch a monthly glimpse into their lives.

Help us start the conversation, but also back them as we provide opportunities to get your hands dirty and engage with their needs in a number of ways, including events and campaigns unique to their platform.

Let’s start with introductions

Who has their back?The first thousand days of a person’s life, from conception to two years old, is a critically sensitive period of rapid growth and change. This window of development sets the foundation for a child to reach his or her adult potential. By practically showing love, kindness, and empathy to mothers, fathers, carers and children in our communities, we can make a significant contribution towards the flourishing of young lives, and, by extension, the positive developmental trajectory of a country (National Integrated Early Childhood Development Policy, SA, 2015).

EMBRACE is a national movement for connected, supported and celebrated motherhood. They facilitate the inspiration, mobilisation and connection between mothers through story-telling, creating platforms of possibility, and building relationships that benefit new mothers. Embrace.org.za

ARISE supports adoptive and foster families and advocates for permanent families for all children. They also provide world-class group and individual therapy, outreach, and educational support through local community organisations to strengthen families in Heideveld, in the Cape Flats. Arisecapetown.org.za

“For you have been a stronghold to the poor,
a stronghold to the needy in his distress,
a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat.”

ISAIAH 25:4a


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