You Could be the Next Martin Luther or Elizabeth Elliot?

by Shirley Emms

Have you ever heard of SWAT Team Christians? You know the great heroes of the faith we read about in the pages of God’s word or the streams of men and women who line history with their radical faith. It’s Corrie Ten Boom, Elizabeth Elliot or William Wilburforce. These are the SWAT team Christians. The elite force who have something that most of us just don’t. But could it be possible that you could be the next one to join the force? Could you be the next Martin Luther or Elizabeth Elliot?

It may be a simple task to be the next Martin Luther or Elizabeth Elliot?

Be extraordinaryI often loathe reading biographies, because I walk away discontent with who I am. I think I am more concerned with the idea of being a boring ordinary Joe Soap, than reflecting on their lives for the bettering of my faith. You know, it’s like that friend who seems to do well at everything she touches. She makes me want to do a runner, rather than relish in her gifts.

In our last post, we talked about how we could dance out way into extraordinariness. We realised that God was calling us to dance our way into extraordinariness, by doing the ordinary yards of getting to know the word of God.

It was that simple. The task at hand wasn’t some die hard, radical act of sacrifice that we believe sets the elite apart from the masses. God sees extraordinary followers as those, who in the face of the endless distractions, pitch up for bible study and make an effort to get stuck in. The simple question becomes: Do you REALLY want to dance?

You can dance if you REALLY want to

We all have a rhythmic leaning when the music starts. You could be:

  • The kid at the disco first up, giving it hammer and tongs, but still pulling out all the old moves.
  • The kid desperate to dance, but fearful about what others think, so you sit on the sidelines tapping your foot.
  • The kid who just flat out refuses to dance- “I’m not a dancer”
  • Or maybe, just maybe, you’re the dancer nobody can stop watching.

We need to examine the person we are when the music starts. What happens when I encounter the word of God?

At this time of year, I know often look back and think, wow, six months has passed. I felt like I did everything and nothing. It’s easy to hit June and think, I am an overachieving failure. Living in the land of hyperproducity and yet making very little progress in the life that really matters.

It’s felt like I am at the right dance class, meeting every week around the word of God. But when I get there I can hear the music hovering in the background and I’ve decided to pull out my cell phone and check my emails.

  • Maybe you’re in the right dance class, but you’re distracted or doing all the wrong moves. It’s a waltz but you’re doing the hokey pokey.
  • Perhaps you have wanted to get better this year; you keen to be part of the class, but fearful of really applying yourself when you get there because you may look stupid or ignorant.
  • Or worse you just refuse to allow your time in God’s word to be rigorous and you’re quite content to maintain your own style. It’s about what works for you, not what works for your growth.
  • Or you have grown in your training and skill of God’s word this year and can see the fruit of your labour. Hasn’t it been beautiful.

Paul challenges us in:

not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing


So, you can dance if you REALLY want to?

You can meet around the word of God if you REALLY want to?

Willingness sets apart the elite from the masses

The key ingredient that sets the last dancer apart from the rest is willingness. Extraordinary people are be extraordinarywho they are not because they are special or have something you don’t. They are extraordinary because they are simply willing.

They do not give up as others do, says Paul. It’s those that choose to dance and those that don’t. Because lets face it, in our day in age with the endless distractions extraordinary followers have truly become the ones who are willing to keep meeting despite the distractions.

Martin Luther was willing to make a stand against a strong tide. Mother Theresa was willing to endure hardship for the glory of God. Nelson Mandela was willing to entertain forgiveness despite his harsh suffering. And when we are willing, we are magnificent to watch. Could you be the next Martin Luther, or Elizabeth Elliot? Maybe, just maybe a willing Spirit might set you apart from the masses.

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