Walk This Way Please

There were close to 50 000 people. Some had been camping through the night just to have a place. Others arrived last minute, desperate to get just that little bit closer. It’s mayhem! How does a stadium manage 50 000 people pressing against the periphery fences and march them into a confined space? How do they manage 50 000 people in that confined space needing the toilet, food, medical treatment and clear instructions if there was an emergency? Walk this way please.

Sometimes, I feel like life is like a concert. The constant flux of people; the pressure alongside all the needs – toilets, food, medical treatment…school runs, parties, work, friendships, reading, Facebook, exercise and the list goes on. I feel like I am in a queue being pressed on every side, trying to manage the chaos and cram the madness into a confined space – my diary! How do I manage the demand? Walk this way please.

How can we manage the madness?

Walk this WayGenerally, a conveyor belt mentality is the modus operandi for any live concert. And the best way forward is clear signs. Signs that indicate where to walk and how to find what you need. Without signage you can kiss the success of any live concert goodbye. Every craze-induced fan needs to be told: walk this way please.

In Mark 6:32, Jesus finds himself in a concert type situation:

“People were coming and going, that they had no time to eat”.

The people were moving in droves. People had slept there all night to get the first touch, and the latecomers pressed in against the masses to catch a glimpse. If I were one of the disciples I would have marshalled people into queues, created lists of needs, posted signs to manage the masses.Reading these words, I can hear myself begging for order.

But Jesus says,

“Come away with me a little while and rest”

Jesus doesn’t take the lead and manage the people. He walks away. Walk this way please, he says to the disciples. Jesus looks at the chaos and gives the disciples an unusual sign post. Walk away.


When we see our busy, hyper-productive life in front of us, the call of Christ is to stop playing director and walk away with him.

Walk this way please

Come Away recognises our need to walk away from life and be with Jesus. We create sign posts (or should we say blog posts) so you can find a moment with Jesus. When life is loud and you can’t see above the streams of heads, we offer monthly bible reading plans to give you direction and daily devotions to show you where to find Jesus.

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