The Secret To The Greatest Love Song Of All Time

Everybody loves a good love song. Every generation has their stand-out favorites. Maybe your generation claims Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you”, or Bryan Adams’ “Everything I do I do it for you”. Maybe you’re a die hard rocker, and “Bed of Roses” is a sure win (chuckle chuckle). Perhaps for the more recent lemmings among us, it might be “Ho hey” with the artsy fartsy Lumineers or “All of me” from the cool, jazzy John Legend. What if I told you I held the secret to the greatest love song of all time?

Discover my secret to the greatest love song of all time

I bet I have you guessing; you’re scanning your memory. Is it a golden oldie or a hip and happening newbie? Imagine I told you, it surpassed you and me. Imagine it surpassed your granny and great grandmother. Imagine it surpassed the last 200 years, no more, 2000 years.

The song strings a strong melody of grace and echoes the words “I will complete you”. Sound familiar? Perhaps these words will ring a bell:

“being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it to completion until the day of Christ Jesus”

Philippians 1:6

The words are astonishing. The melody sweet and comforting. We all dance through life- either greastest love songgracefully or ungracefully, like a ballerina or with an awkward side jiggle. I know my walk with Jesus sometimes shines and very often flounders. But despite it all, he whispers in my ear and promises to me: “I will complete you”.

The words melt your heart when you take five minutes to recognise the heartless love you have offered in return. He looks right through me and then declares his undivided love: “I will complete you”- that sounds like the greatest love song of all time!

A timeless promise, for a time-bound failure

The idea of being complete seems impossible. I never finish what I start. I have a constant list of who I want to become: read more books, change my eating, commit to exercise, see more of my friends, rest more, find time to be creative, grow a veggie garden, fill the photo frames, do devotions with the kids, get in date nights – goodness. My life constantly feels like a failed to-be list.

But Philippians says, God finishes what he starts! He is the quintessential finisher!

If you were his project you would be handed in on time.

If you were his building you would stand magnificently in town square

If you were his New Year’s resolution, you would be kept.

If you were his dream, you would come true!

God sings a timeless promise for a time-bound failure. It’s the kind of love that offers me a complete beginning. It claims me in my failings and completes me in fullness. It’s the greatest love song of all time: I will complete your beginning.

Why God beats Jerry Maguire

greatest love songBut the word complete is more than being finished. It also carries the idea of wholeness. When Jerry Maguire said to his girlfriend, “you complete me”; we all melted! It became one of the greatest quotes in Rom Com history. Why? It’s what we all long for – to be made whole. Every day is a realisation that I am always incomplete and unfulfilled.

But Jerry Maguire is stuck in the script and trapped in our imaginations of a love that seems untouchable. But why do we subject ourselves to fictional love? Because deep down we know it’s the love we were created for and crave. All of life is geared towards this end. Every decision we make; even suicide is rooted in the desire for wholeness.

So, God beats Jerry Maguire because he transcends Rom Coms and novels. He is the God of truth, not fiction. And his love is not confined to the idea, but he is the reality. “I will complete you”

God has written us a gracious love song. How does knowing you are the object of these momentous words resound in your heart today?

But if the song of grace is the melody of my life, then how do I dance to the beat of his song?

If God is playing a waltz, I can’t be breaking down in a jig. How do I move to the music? How do I dance to the beat of God’s drum?

Discover how you might DANCE YOUR WAY INTO EXTRAORDINARINESS with God.

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  1. toni.edkins June 13, 2018 at 10:18 am - Reply

    I had 5 minutes and logged onto Come Away with me, Thank you for feeding me with Gods truth and helping me to spend the five minutes I had to spare in his word. We all love a great Love Story. The reality of Gods love inspires me everyday, thank you for reminding me of the amazing Gift we have in Jesus.

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