Dance Your Way Into Extraordinariness

Reality TV has skyrocketed in the last ten years. It’s no longer a fad, but a norm for everyday television. It started with the likes of Survivor and now it has morphed into taking ordinary people and growing them into extraordinary chefs and dancers. Strictly Come Dancing is just one of the hundreds making air waves across our screens. Secretly, we watch the average transform into the majestic because it makes us believe that we could also maybe be extraordinary. If you could grab the opportunity to be dance your way into extraordinariness, would you take it?

How to dance your way into extraordinariness

God is calling us to pull out all the stops; bring out our dancing shoes and sign up for the dance class. God is beckoning you and I to dance our way into extraordinariness. Here comes the beat, can you hear it now:

Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteous, but solid food is for the mature, who have trained themselves

HEBREWS 5:13-14

The dance of life is moving from infancy to adulthood. For those in Christ, it’s meant to be the dance, extraordinaryunstoppable dance routine of faith. Our faith should move from milk to meat. So, it may begin with the chicken dance (you can see it now- hands, elbows and bottom), but in time we move onto more elegant moves. We sway, step side to side, over time we find a rhythm; flip it may even be moon walking.

God says in Hebrews 5 that the most extraordinary dancer is the one who acquaints themselves with the teaching of righteous. The ESV puts it more helpfully: get skilled in the word of God. If you want to dance your way into extraordinariness, then we need to do the ordinary yards of getting to know the word of God.

Don’t waste your time in the wrong class

If we signed up to dance our way into extraordinariness, then God is saying sign up for the class that will get you there: a class (or way of life) that will skill you to be in the word of God.

The class sounds simplistic, but it’s rigorous. The word trained here is far from a slow, sift, stretching workout like yoga. Rather, it’s the kind of exercise that demands full effort, consistency, hard work. It is more like boot camp.

So firstly, it would be foolish to keep going to the wrong class, hoping upon hope you might become extraordinary. Don’t waste your time in the wrong class. It’s a false form of exercise to the real training dance, extraordinarywe need.

Secondly, we would be blind if we believed it was the number of classes we attended. I often spend more time talking at gym than training. Our time will count for nothing if the time spent is not working hard at the bible.

The world punts quotes like, “why be average when you can be amazing” as if somehow, the road to amazingness doesn’t require ordinary effort. If we want to dance our way into extraordinary faith, we need to do the ordinary yards of not just being in the bible, but immersing ourselves in it and doing whatever it takes to understand it better and better each day.

How have you been in the wrong class? In what way have you fallen trap into believing it’s about how many classes you attend, rather than what class you attend?

We called you to dance today to the beat of God’s drum, but did you hear his love song, Let me let you in on: THE SECRET TO THE GREATEST LOVE SONG OF ALL TIME


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