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We grow a woman in her season of life, for serving God in her season of life.

Training Women in Ministry | Women’s Bible Courses Cape Town | Pastoral Counselling Courses | Resources to Grow in Faith

  • Walk
    Articles to help you in your walk with Jesus. “The people were coming and going...th...
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  • Talk
    Stories of faith of women in ordinary and extraordinary spaces ...
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  • Celebrate
    Celebrate your traditions  with meaning and purpose Has it com...
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  • The Partnership
       Lay  women's  training  college    ...
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  • Run
      Bible Studies with interactive app   Come Away believes not ...
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  • Read
    Bookclub reading books of applied truth and creative memoirs R...
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  • Play
    Mommy blogs, resources, tools to teach ...
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  • Share
    Have you ever had to take a leap of faith? Have you ever had t...
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  • Train
      Tools to help you study the bible   The pursuit of knowing G...
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It began with one woman who sought to bring a village of women together to raise an army of servants.

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Look what we did last Halloween

There was an actual plan. I didn't feel lost. Halloween didn't come round and leave me feeling well, clueless, in my attempts to make a clear, deliberate conversation point with my kids. I had been armed and equipped with our 'Hero of the Faith' cards, to begin conversations with my kids. With my light party plan in tow, a friend and I pulled off our first light party. The action plan Our 'Hero of the Faith' cards gave [...]

What women need to know

Liza Ender sharing her seasonal ministry changes under the conviction of God's word and 121 modeling she had encountered. https://youtu.be/jr1rx9UQYC8 Liza sharing the need given what she has witnessed in local churches https://youtu.be/DzwqKC2Tyl8 Liza sharing the hurdles that need to be overcome https://youtu.be/htCeH069evA

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