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We grow a woman in her season of life, for serving God in her season of life.

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  • Walk
    “The people were coming and going they had no time to eat. And he said to them Come awa...
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  • Talk
    Stories of faith of women in ordinary and extraordinary spaces ...
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  • Celebrate
    Celebrate your traditions  with meaning and purpose Has it com...
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  • The Partnership
       Lay  women's  training  college    ...
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  • Run
      Bible Studies with interactive app   Come Away believes not ...
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  • Read
    Bookclub reading books of applied truth and creative memoirs W...
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  • Play
    Mommy blogs, resources, tools to teach ...
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  • Share
    Have you ever had to take a leap of faith? Have you ever had t...
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  • Train
      Tools to help you study the bible   The pursuit of knowing G...
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It began with one women who sought to bring a village of women together and raise an army of servants.

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Is this the Life God has called us to?

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend about how tough life feels. We were at a wedding, an occasion where our hearts really ought to have been full of joy for our friend, instead we found ourselves asking: “Where is the joy that is supposed to be ours?” “Where is the benefit of being believers in the Lord Jesus?” The last few months in our community we have seen multiple hospital visits, friends walking in [...]

The Brightness that leaves the Deepest Shadow

So here’s the thing. About a year ago I had coffee with a friend. She’s wisdom with skin on. She shared an idea that God had been evolving through her experiences. It might not be brand new to you, but it was to me. She said: Your greatest strengths can so quickly – too easily – become your greatest weaknesses. The paradox deceives us. We think that our weaknesses are opposite to our strengths. So we think that [...]

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